Niez Studio

Overall remake of the internet site "Niez Studio", a landscape design agency, with an effective creation process of its digital identity. The credibility of the agency is to respect natural and architectural memory, while at the same time using an innovative exploration of vegetation combinations.

Although characterized by a craftmanship centered around nature, this field is often confused – in the imaginary collective – with architecture, its sister discipline.
While wishing to exploit the aesthetic codes of architecture, and visually transcribing the values of Niez Studio, I used a concise style. On this basis I softened the interface with the help of small details and discrete animation effects.

This site is designed to perfectly adapt to all screens and window sizes with an adaptive display that takes into consideration the available space in width but also in height.
That allows more breathing and elegance on a bigger screen without impacting small devices (tablets) and middle size devices (laptops).

I also proposed a photo portrait session for a part of the team.

Niez Studio, projets list layout, desktop version
Project detail webdesign, desktop version
design corportate page, mobile versionPrject detail page, mobile versiondesign of the navigation menu, mobile version

Portraits taken of the team in order to perfect the visual identity of Niez Studio

Photograph of an iPad display with two photo portraits of the team
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