Mois de la photo-OFF 2014

The Mois de la Photo-OFF is a biennial contemporary photo festival taking place in Paris during the month of November.
Its 2015 session brought together almost 50 art galleries and exhibition spaces.

This time, on its 20 years birthday, the festival has organized an exhibition called “XX”, honouring ten famous photographers who participated at the festival in previous years and also the project “Molecules” by Véronique Pêcheux, the author of the official festival’s visuals.

Already involved in the 2012 festival’s edition when I redesigned from scratch the website, my intervention in 2014 was much broader since I got involved in digital media as well as in the print campaign.
The 2014 edition of the website presents some stylistic, ergonomic and performance refinements since its previous version.
Moreover, a great work has been done for the printed version of the catalogue, designed to guide visitors through the exhibitions around the city, as comfortably as the responsive website.

The brand identity of the festival has been adapted to different communication media of the festival, including the press release, flyers, the festival poster, online and offline advertising campaigns, the “XX” exhibition’s window display.

Work team:
Aurore Bergmann:
projet management

Emmanuel Jeanneau:
web development

Véronique Pêcheux:
cover photo

“[…] bringing the focus on the photos themselves to create a strong digital exhibition space”

A. Bergmann — web projet manager

list page mobile versionartist detail mobile versionartist detail mobile version

100% custom webfont icons

This website’s icons were designed and exported as a webfont file to look crisp on all present and future screens.



100% fluid
100% responsive
100% future-proof
300 › 1500+ px

catalog cover

A pocket size catalogue designed to guide you through the exhibitions around the city, as comfortably as the responsive website.

catalogue inner pagescatalogue inner pagescatalogue inner pagescatalogue inner pages
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