le playground

Le playground — written in lower case — is a leadership and personal evolution coaching company that offering an iconoclastic approach based on enhancing creativity and stepping out of our own comfort zone.

Passionate and enthusiastic, the founders of “le playground” asked me to create and brand identity both elegant and playfully cool.
The challenge has been in finding the optimal balance between this great energy and a corporate positioning.

Following the client’s wish of a very colourful image, the first design step was to define a contrasting and harmonious colour palette: 6 main colours and an intermediate palette.
Then, a geometric system was set up to produce abstract and always changing shapes.

The font face “Instant” was chosen for its geometrical round look in its heavier weights and his calligraphic feel in its finest ones — an almost unique approach in type design.

Also, black colour was banned and replaced by a dark desaturated blue for texts. Mixing these elements produced minimalistic but extremely energetic layouts.

The “le playground”’s website is 100% responsive and smart technical and ergonomic solutions make the browsing experience on small screens more efficient and enjoying.
However, and unlike some other mobile optimised websites, the brand’s identity keeps very strong.

[…] minimalistic but extremely energetic layouts.

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“It feels like surfing on colours!”

L. Gutierrez — Founder of le playground

stationery and business card design


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