Multi+media graphic design; innovative by nature

Synthview is a graphic design studio in constant research for functional and aesthetic innovation.
For ten years now, Synthview seeks, finds and analyses the new technologies that open new directions and innovate into the graphic design field.

Its goals are also yours: to stand out.
Passionate and driven by the visual arts, Synthview creates graphical landscapes that allow you to dive into an appealing and minimalist visual experience.


  • Creative web design
  • Interface and interaction design
  • counseling in user experience and ergonomics
  • responsive design & mobile internet sites building

Visual identity

  • Art direction for brand identities
  • logo & logotype design
  • design of graphic charters
  • adapting of the brand identity on every support and format


  • Art direction for all printed media
  • editorial design
  • information design
  • posters, brochures, flyers, CD/DVD booklets, signage, etc.


  • Design and development of original digital fonts
  • opentype features scripting
  • exclusive custom made fonts
  • typographic compositions

Methodological tools

Strategy counseling

  • Client goals analysis
  • competitors benchmark
  • process and communication strategies definition
  • orientation on technical solutions

Information architecture

  • Information architecture and organization
  • navigation paths set-up
  • analysis and classification of existing contents
  • content building counseling

Prototyping / wireframing

  • Functional prototype design
  • research of innovative interactive solutions to improve the ease of use
  • analysis of content-interface interplay

Counseling in ergonomics

  • Evaluation of Interface ergonomy (usability)
  • testing methods with real or potential users
  • solutions for improving “The current”

Digital innovation

  • Design of innovating and functional interfaces with cutting-edge technologies
  • complex internet site development made in partnership with qualified software engineers
  • graphical and technological tendencies watch


  • Actionaid Italy
  • Agence de l’eau Seine-Normandie (for agency Kahn+Associates)
  • Allociné (for agency Nealite)
  • Alumni Bocconi France
  • Antoine Le Metayer
  • Atalaya
  • Baudry-Dutour
  • Belambra (for agency Nealite)
  • Bloom
  • Centre culturel français de Milan
  • Cepma
  • Ciné-Lycée (for agency Nealite)
  • David Bacher
  • Documents pour l’intégration et le Développement (for agency 3 octets)
  • Dom d'asile Association (for agency 3 octets)
  • Domaine du Quincampoix
  • Eat²
  • Elsevier Masson
  • Evian (for agency Nealite)
  • Faculty of Psychology - University of Milano Bicocca (for agency Extrasmallstudio)
  • Famous s.a.s.
  • Gaulupeau (for agency 3 octets)
  • Istituto ricerca Sociale
  • Monitoring & Appraisal
  • Nina Ricci - l’eau du temps (for agency Altima)
  • Nko cashemere (for agency 3 octets)
  • Nora Roitberg
  • One more production
  • Overweb
  • P.A. Vimercate (Italy) - cultural sector
  • Paris Photographique (association)
  • Règia Academia di Marioli Association
  • Regina di Picche
  • Schlumberger (for agency Kahn+Associates)
  • Sergio Brocca
  • Société des architectes diplômés de l’École Spéciale d’Architecture
  • SFR (for agency Nealite)
  • Style Attitude
  • TF1 (for agency Nealite)
  • Tv-replay
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