Visual identity and mobile application design for the Italian startup Eat².
This project included the definition of graphic communication guidelines, the design of a logo and some business cards, user interface and graphic design of an application for theiPhone 3 and 4+.
Eat² applies the concept of “last minute” to gastronomy.
The iPhone app matches a user’s eating preferences and geolocalisation by offering interesting deals in a few selected restaurants nearby.
The visual identity is minimal and functional, at the same time keeping the warm colours of red and violet.
The typographic choice stood on combining a sans-serif font with soft details to a special version of Bodoni, a classic of 18th century Italian typography; full-bodied but with extremely elegant shapes and contrast.

eat2 logo greyscaleeat2 variations colour et icônes

eat2 screen gustieat2 screen esplora mapeat2 home screen
eat2 screen no offerseat2 menu screeneat2 no offers

A restaurant, please!

eat2 business cards 1
eat2 business cards 2
What can I do for you?

Not enough?please have a look

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