Berthier Associates

Since 1987, Berthier Associates is an architectural firm from Tokyo specializing in workspace design for large multinationals companies in Japan.

Aware of the exponential spread of mobile devices, Berthier felt the need of upgrading their online brand image.
It was a great opportunity to update their website to contemporary technological standards and users expectations too.

The mission was to design a radically minimalist interface, paying a special attention to the balance between contents and white space.
Opting for delicate animations and interactive elements brings life and softness, providing a relaxing zen experience in a truly Japanese style.

Berthier’s website is designed to be 100% responsive, to perfectly fit into all devices from mobile ones to large 27" screens, while keeping extremely light to load.

The photo gallery is designed to appear as a veil on the main page; its visuals can enlarge up to 1600px width on (at least) 2000 px wide screens. Once again, white space is the key.

animation Home page version desktop berthier

[…] a relaxing zen experience in a truly Japanese style.

version japonaise du site internet

design de la galerie d'images

galerie images en version mobileanimation menu en version mobileanimation à l’accès du site en version mobile

Naturally invisible details

Pixels creating diagonals were darkened to counterbalance a human perception bias and provide the feeling of constant lightness.

détail dans le dessin des icônes

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